Walk (12th June)


  •  1711 Walk is a route, not an organised event. There will be no signposts on Sunday 12th June, no marshals in “Hi Vis” vests”. You will be responsible for your own comfort, safety and well being.
  • If you would like to walk on 12th June, the first thing to do is to order a copy of the Guide. This will provide you with the route. At no point does the 1711 Walk route stray far from public transport; it would be difficult to get lost (especially in the era of the mobile internet).
  • The term “Pop-Up” is intended to signify that the 300th anniversary gives those interested in the Queen Anne Churches a special opportunity to support those churches in a spontaneous and creative way. If, for example, you would like to walk just part of the 1711 Walk route or to walk in costume, that is fine.
  • Because everyone will participate in their own way, it is impossible to be precise about timings. The total length of the 1711 Walk route is about 17¼ miles. The Guide will contain some indication of how long it might take to walk between churches (and which churches are likely to be open when). There will be a Book of Common Prayer Communion service at Greenwich at 8:00 a.m. (which you might think a suitable start to the day). You might also like to aim to reach Westminster by 17:11. But it must be emphasised that there is no element of compulsion; it is for you to decide how you would most enjoy the day.  

If you wish to support an individual church

If you have a connection with a particular church (including those which are no longer in use as places of worship), you can contact that church to ask about any plans which it may have to organise a group of walkers on Sunday 12th June to raise money for its own restoration and maintenance appeal. You may also be able to obtain a copy of the Guide through that church.

If you would like to support the Queen Anne Churches generally

You can follow the 1711 Walk route individually or organise your own group of friends. Be creative. The more fun people have walking this year, the more likely it is that 1711 Walk might evolve into London’s own Carnival of the Baroque. For those who wish to donate online to the National Churches Trust 1711 Fund, the Trust  has set up a dedicated JustGiving page. You can either donate via that page or follow a link from it to set up your own individual or group page. Alternatively, you can contact the Trust direct to ask about other methods of contributing to the 1711 Fund.

3 responses to “Walk (12th June)

  1. Nigel Duncan

    I am committed to fund-raising for a specific Christian Aid project and had wondered whether it was acceptable to you for me to seek sponsorship for my participation in the 1711 Walk for this project. I would be happy to make my personal contribution to the 1711 Fund and to buy the guide, but would like any sponsorship money I raise to go to the Christian Aid project. Is this acceptable to you?

    • Nigel, thank you very much for your interest in 1711 Walk. The “Pop-Up” concept means that it’s up to you how you choose to celebrate the 300th anniversary. Whilst one of the main purposes of 1711 Walk is to encourage people to support the Queen Anne Churches and the 1711 Fund, another is to raise awareness of this fabulous group of churches. What you’re proposing to do sounds wholly within that spirit. Good luck with your project.

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