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The 1711 Walk route is set out in a 16 page A5 Guide, published as a numbered limited edition of 500 copies. To cover costs, it is priced at £2.75 (plus p&p). Any profits will go to the National Churches Trust 1711 Fund.

You can order a copy of the Guide either by post or online. Some of the Queen Anne Churches may also have copies in stock.

To order by post

Print this page, complete the form below and return it (with your cheque) to the address shown.

Please send me the following number of copies of the 1711 Walk Guide.

Number of copies required at £3.75 per copy (£2.75 plus p&p):

I enclose a cheque to the value of:




Cheques should be made payable to “Peter Dodge” and this form returned to Peter Dodge, Radcliffe Chambers, 11 New Square, Lincoln’s Inn, London  WC2A 3QB.

The National Churches Trust is the leading independent national charity promoting and supporting churches, chapels and meeting houses throughout the United Kingdom, not only as places of worship, but as social, cultural and educational resources for their local communities. If you are happy for them to get in touch with you with about their events and news, please tick this box. The National Churches Trust commits to not passing on your personal details to any third parties. For further details, visit
To order online
Complete and submit the following Contact Form. You will receive by e-mail a PayPal invoice which you can pay online by credit or debit card. When completing the Contact Form, please include a delivery address and state whether you are happy for the National Churches Trust to get in touch with you about their events and news. To cover costs, the price for online orders will, unfortunately, include an administration fee of 20 pence plus 15 pence per copy.

To order via one of the Queen Anne Churches

If you have a connection with a particular church (including those which are no longer in use as places of worship), you can contact that church to find out whether it has copies of the Guide in stock.

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